Photogram by Krista G.


There’s a huge and creepy hand. – Ulises A.

This picture is about a glowing hand with nails inside of it. – Yareksi E.

It looks like an alien hand that has needles in it, and it also looks like it hurts. – Amanda M.

I see a hand with a lot of nails on it and I think the hand is swollen. – Sarid M.

They’re taking an X-ray of their hand and the blood going through the veins. – Michelle P.

This picture looks like broken glass or a hand with seven fingers. – Catalina G.

It’s a monster’s hand with nails stuck on it. – Erika A.

There was a shadow of the hand. – Xiufeng L.

I guess the person got injured. – Andrew G.

In this picture, it looks as if the drawing went wrong, and it used to be a picture of nails. – Jennifer B.

Captions written by students in Mr. Gozonsky’s English class.

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