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Multimedia Portraits 2013-14

This work was produced by students at Grand Arts in Downtown LA. View the assignment guidelines here.

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Basketball 101

Basketball 101, a video blog produced by students at Frederick Douglass Academy High School in South L.A.

Directed by Tyler Livsey and Devin Lodge
Produced in Mr. O’s Digital Journalism class at FDAHS

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St. Francis Center, Downtown L.A. 2011

Venice Arts Photojournalism Class

Instructor: Oliver I. Shipley

Artist Mentor: Kellee Matsushita

Students: Addi Najera, Kevin Garcia, Deborah Scoop, Paulo Navor, Cesar Alatorre, Denise Gonzalez, Marie Delgado, Alejandro Majia

Location: St. Francis Center, 1835 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA

Class Description

“Students explored the different ways in which community is created in downtown Los Angeles, and what essentially brings people together; whether it is the same bus route, a similar lifestyle or means of making a living. We talked about what defines a group of people, and how identities are established as a result of community. Each week we documented a different community; the people of the fashion district, the travelers of Union Station, the members of All People’s Christian Center, or the skate team of the Garage Board Shop, an art and skate space for the youth of South East Los Angeles.

Students were asked to consider challenges and successes of downtown Los Angeles as a city through the individuals whose lives are shaped by place, and capture this in the photographs they made. We studied the ways in which gesture, composition, and light can come together to tell a story. Finally, students created a multimedia piece in which they layered bytes of the city soundscape with a narration of their writing in conjunction with their photo series. I think each of our students developed their voice through this class, and learned how to use photography to express each of their unique visions. “

– Kellee (Artist Mentor)

Multimedia Work

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Photographic Work

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