Photogram by Danette B.

It’s a ballroom dance. The two in the middle are looking at each other. The one close to the dark one is in love with it, but she obviously loves the other guy. The rest are just a crowd. – Rebecca P.

These circles are sick of being 2D behind a screen so they have attempted to break their barriers. – Marcus S.

The dots are people and their “classes,” and the lines are their problems. Reminds me of the Great Depression. – Ana D.

The world is cracked, so the world has stopped. – Giovanni G.

This picture is representing the stages of the moon. The moon looks different every day. Some days it’s lighter and sometimes it’s darker. – Marlene S.

There’s a battle going on between the two different groups of colored circles. – Leydi M.

It represents happiness and sadness. – Alison C.

Captions written by students in Mr. Gozonsky’s English class.


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